Working for Orbite means working with an entrepreneurial team of dedicated innovators. Our technology is potentially very disruptive, and we are always looking for talent to help us pursue the significant opportunities we have identified in specialty products, waste monetization and commodity minerals. At Orbite, you will be working at the forefront of industrial innovation.

As a public company, we have a strong sense of integrity and are very aware of our position within the community, as well as of our responsibility towards stakeholders and the environment. We are looking for people who share these commitments.

We currently operate two sites in Canada. Laval, Québec which is near Montreal, hosts our headquarters, where most of the corporate, sales and engineering teams are based as well as our world-class Technology Development Centre (TDC), where much of our innovation is spearheaded. Our first commercial-scale high purity alumina (HPA) plant is in Cap-Chat, Québec. Finally, we have large aluminous clay, rare earths and rare metals deposits in Québec (Grande Vallée).

If you are an exceptional, results-driven innovator, who works well in a fast-paced and rewarding team environment, and have relevant industry experience, please contact us at

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Company Profile

Orbite’s game-changing technology can process a variety of industrial waste, extracting all value from it, returning only a small fraction of inert residue.


The Orbite Process

Unique and potentially disruptive technology that extracts all value added products from a wide variety of feedstocks, including industrials waste.



Orbite is working on delivering a comprehensive portfolio of customized HPA products.



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