Our vision is to become a key player in the minerals processing industry by commercializing our
technology that addresses inefficiencies, supply issues and environmental liabilities

Today’s minerals processing technologies are inefficient, create waste and cause economic and environmental liabilities.

Emerging technologies in energy and electronics depend on the consistent availability of materials such as rare earths and rare metals.

Rare earths and rare metals are difficult to obtain viably, supply is uncertain, and no substitutes are available. Other technological advances in areas such as energy, lighting and electronics displays depend on the supply of high-end materials of consistent quality, such as high purity alumina (HPA).

We have developed proprietary technology that addresses these inefficiencies and supply issues, as well as converts waste liabilities into assets. The Orbite Process extracts all value from a wide variety of feedstocks, including industrial waste.

We have three business lines:

  • Specialty
    aimed at the production of valuable, highly sought after materials, such as High-Purity Alumina, rare earths and rare metals;
  • Waste
    the utilization of industrial waste, such as red mud, fly ash and mine tailings, as a feedstock for the extraction of all valuable materials, with only a small and inert residue remaining, and
  • Commodity
    focused on the low-cost and strategically located production of commodities such as smelter grade alumina (SGA), as well as other commodities such as hematite and silica.