Focused execution

Our strategy is focused on achieving commercial production as rapidly as possible for our three business lines. We see three phases towards achieving our vision.

Phase 1



Phase 2



Phase 3



  • Specialty


    High-Purity Alumina


    Leveraging our ability to deliver consistent quality, customization and low total cost-of-use

    High Purity Alumina (HPA) is a niche product, essential for growing high-tech and energy markets. We intend to become a key producer in these segments by offering a portfolio of customized HPA products of consistent quality with a very competitive total cost-of-use.

    The construction of the HPA plant is materially complete and the beginning of the production activities is expected to take place in 2018. The Company will thereafter proceed to the detailed engineering to bring the capacity of the HPA plant to 5 tpd and the preliminary engineering for the conversion of the alumina extraction unit to the chloride-based technology, and decide whether to prioritize HPA plant expansion to 5 tpd capacity or conversion of the HPA plant’s extraction unit to multiple feedstocks including aluminous clays, red mud, fly ash and mine tailings. Orbite engages with prospective customers and partners directly with the intention of building long-term partnerships.

  • Waste


    Waste Monetization

    Product sales, rather than legislation, to drive revenues

    Our second priority is commercializing our waste monetization technology. In today’s marketplace, waste monetization is driven largely by regulatory incentives rather than viable economics.

    The strength of our technology is that plant economics will be based on product sales, rather than driven by legislation-backed incentives. This puts us in a strong position to pursue opportunities in red mud, fly ash and mine tailings monetization.

    Our waste monetization strategy is to:

    1.  Conclude a partnership agreement with a global player

    • a. Partner to take financial interest in venture
    • b. Partner to have platform for global expansion

    2.  Leverage benefits of waste monetization rather than remediation to ensure strong engagement from waste owners

    3.  Realize commercial proof-of-concept

    • a. Technical demonstration at Cap-Chat (conversion of the HPA plant’s extraction unit to chloride process, addition of Ga & Sc separation train)
    • b. Commercial prototype
    • c. Full-scale plant

    4.  License technology on global scale

  • Commodity



    Strategically located low-cost producer

    Our third priority is commodities, predominantly the production of smelter grade alumina (SGA) from the Company’s aluminous clay deposits in Québec , as well as from red mud and fly ash or other strategically located aluminum-containing ore deposits.

    Quebec is the world’s fourth largest aluminum producer, with a limited domestic supply of alumina (precursor for aluminum). We have access to vast deposits of aluminous clay in the region. We can extract a host of other products, such as rare earths and rare metals from these deposits. In addition, we expect significantly reduced transportation costs for our potential customers. Therefore, we believe we are well positioned to become a low-cost producer with a competitive advantage.

    Our commodities strategy is similar to that for waste monetization:

    1.  Partner with a strong global player

    • a. 100% off-take agreement with Glencore for first ten years’ production. Glencore has expressed interest in deeper co-operation.

    2.  Realize commercial proof-of-concept

    • a. Technical demonstration at Cap-Chat (concurrent with waste monetization)
    • b. Commercial prototype
    • c. Full-scale plant

    3.  Revenues from specialty products in feedstock are expected to impact plant economics significantly, allowing us to position ourselves as a low-cost producer

    4.  Once firmly demonstrated, Orbite will expand its commodities business through a combination of locally operated plant(s) and technology licensing to strategic partners.

The Orbite Process

Unique and potentially disruptive technology that extracts all value added products from a wide variety of feedstocks, including industrials waste.



Orbite is working on delivering a comprehensive portfolio of customized HPA products.