In Cap-Chat, Orbite's high purity alumina (HPA) production plant is materially complete, and production activities are expected to commence in 2018.

In addition to producing HPA, once converted to the Company’s chloride process, the facility will play a key role in the technical realization of the Company’s waste monetization and commodity minerals initiatives.

HPA Facility Timeline*

FROM Q1 2017
  • Supplier-related calcination system deficiencies being addressed
IN 2018
  • Start of production activities at HPA plant
  • Commercial production and ramp up to 3 tpd
  • HPA 5 tpd capacity: Detailed engineering and cost estimates
  • Waste monetization: Preliminary engineering for conversion to chloride-based technology
  • Decision to prioritize HPA plant expansion to 5 tpd capacity or conversion of the HPA plant’s extraction unit to multiple feedstocks including aluminous clays, red mud, fly ash and mine tailings.


*: Subject to raising adequate financing