We operate a world-class TDC in Laval, Québec (Canada). The TDC is at the heart of what Orbite is all about: development and commercialization of very disruptive technology.


Orbite’s TDC is essential in
these areas:


The TDC is our engine for innovation. This is where we developed and will continue to develop our intellectual property.

Process Optimization

The TDC plays a key role in process optimization. Currently focused on optimization of the HPA process; in the future, the TDC will work towards the technical realization of our waste monetization and commodity minerals initiatives. Know-how developed at the TDC will be tested and fine tuned in the commercial setting of the HPA facility in Cap-Chat.

Product Customization

HPA is not a uniform product market. Criteria such as impurity levels, particle size distribution and product density play an important role in what products we will be bring to market, and what applications we will pursue. The TDC is playing a key role in product customization, enabling us to deliver a well-positioned and diversified portfolio of HPA products. The TDC will also play a key role in future specialty and commodity products launches.

Materials Characterization

We have developed proprietary know-how in materials characterisation, unrivalled by commercial laboratories and competitors. This capability supports product customization, technology development and quality control, and delivers further differentiation to our customers.

Intellectual Property

The Corporation's intellectual property portfolio contains:


intellectual property families




pending patent applications

Laval, Québecis where the company is headquartered and operates a state of the art technology development center where its technologies are developed and validated.